Iphone Users Have More Sex!

Is there nothing that the iPhone can’t do?

iPhone users struggle to place or receive calls on their smartphones — except, apparently, when said calls are of the ‘booty’ variety. According to a recent survey from OKCupid, iPhone owners, on average, have more sex partners than either Android or BlackBerry owners. In a survey of 9,785 smartphone users, OKCupid’s team of statisticians found that the typical male iPhone keeper has bedded ten unique people by the age of 30, while your everyday iFemale claims to have conquered 12.3 different Justin Long look-alikes. Male BlackBerry users, by comparison, say they’ve slept with an average of 8.1 different people by the age of 30, with female BB-ers laying claim to laying 8.8. Last and, well, least, are Android users, who report having done the deed with roughly six unique individuals (6.0 for males, 6.1 for females — curiously Android-genous).

Guess it’s time for all you Droid users to head to the bingo parlor 😀

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2 Responses to “Iphone Users Have More Sex!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Apple is the cool hippie company,

  2. Javert says:

    Hell, I did better than that in 1969, and I didn’t have a phone at all!

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