Daily Archives: August 23, 2010

In Iraq, America Has Successfully Brought Democ…..Oh, Wait, Sorry, P0rn

I wonder if Liberals will be happy about the latest news from Iraq, what with all this progressivism and freedom and stuff? The nude women on the DVD cover in a Baghdad street stall say it all: Change, whether you like it or not, is afoot in Iraq. Hundreds of porn DVDs are stacked elbow-deep […]

Bangladesh Says No To Islamic Dress Codes

Nice to see a country actually take a stand against one part of Sharia A Bangladesh court has ruled that people cannot be forced to wear skull caps, veils or other religious clothing in workplaces, schools and colleges. The ruling came after reports that a college in the north had forced students to wear veils. […]

James Cameron, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate

Some are comparing him to the Goracle, but, really, Gore refuses to debate to start with Hollywood director James Cameron challenged three high profile global warming skeptics to a public debate at a global warming and energy conference. But Cameron backed out of the debate at the last minute after environmentalists “came out of the […]

Un-Biased CNN Now Giving Obama Mid-Terms Advice

Anyone remember CNN doing the same thing for Bush? No? 10 things Obama must do in 10 weeks President Obama is facing criticism that his message has gone off track at a crucial time for his party and administration. With the midterm elections just 10 weeks away, the president’s approval ratings are at their lowest. […]

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