James Cameron, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate

Some are comparing him to the Goracle, but, really, Gore refuses to debate to start with

Hollywood director James Cameron challenged three high profile global warming skeptics to a public debate at a global warming and energy conference. But Cameron backed out of the debate at the last minute after environmentalists “came out of the woodwork” to warn him not to engage in a debate with skeptics because it was not in his best interest.

Cameron challenged Andrew Breitbart, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano and filmmaker Ann McElhinney of ‘Not Evil Just Wrong.’ The debate was already in the program for the Aspen American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit. The website program described the agreed to debate as “AREDAY Climate Change Debate: Reality or Fiction?”

After setting up the public global warming debate, Cameron and his negotiator then changed formats multiple times and initially said it would be open to the media and then said he would only participate if it was private with no recording devices. The skeptics agreed to all the changes. According to AREDAY organizers, activist Joseph Romm of Climate Progress urged Cameron not to go ahead with the debate as well.

Cameron’s cancellation of the agreed to debate did not happen until one debate participant (Morano) was already in mid-air, flying from DC to Aspen on Saturday August 21 to attend the debate. (AREDAY did grant Morano a 90 minute slot to speak at the summit. See: Climate Depot’s Presentation at Warmists’ Summit Met By Hostile Interrupting Moderator and Crowd; Call for Morano to Kill Himself!)

Anyone surprised? Climate creationists rarely debate, because they know that the “deniers” facts will trump the Believers emotions every time. And, notice that Cameron refused to allow recording devices, the media, and the public.

Ann McElhinney further slams Cameron

I was looking forward to debating with the film maker. I was looking forward to finding out where we agreed and disagreed and finding a way forward that would help the poorest people in the developing and developed world.

But that is not going to happen because somewhere along the way James Cameron, a great film maker, has moved from King of the World to being King of the Hypocrites.

Say, I wonder what kind of plane Cameron used to get to the conference?

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4 Responses to “James Cameron, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate”

  1. David says:

    I thought that we weren’t supposed to voice an opinion because the science was correct and we could not argue with the science. Didn’t Gore say that?

    Of course, then Gore went on to build one of the world’s biggest houses with a huge carbon footprint and he has been expelling a considerable amount of CO2 with all the heavy breathing he does with his various women.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach don’t yeah just hate it when liberals are rich and have their own jet airplanes ? I mean it is sooo unfair ! and hypocritical, sort of like being a warmonger and not ever serving.

  3. Otter says:

    What does john Effing kerry have to do with this, ‘lil LIAR?

    Actually… ‘lil johnnie finally hit on a VALID point- rich liberals are some of the biggest hypocrits on the face of the Earth.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Teach don’t yeah just hate it when liberals are rich and have their own jet airplanes ?

    Not at all. This is just BS from you and shows that you are against any sort of truth. Conservatives love it when people become successful.

    The difference is that liberals want to use their success to keep others down and exhibit a lifestyle that is hypocritical to the demands they make of others.

    I mean it is sooo unfair !

    Yes, according to liberals, it is unfair. That is why liberals always talk about taxing the “rich” or “class warfare.”

    sort of like being a warmonger and not ever serving.

    You mean like Obama?

    Hey Ryan. ever figure out that 5 miles is not the same as 600 yards? Still supporting those who discriminate?

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