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Rule 5 Saturday: Giants Hotties

Some small pictures, downloaded to iPhone, uploaded to Photobucket. Oh, well.

What Happened To Obama’s Cap And Trade Love?

Hmmmmmmm Remember how firmly committed President Obama was to passing a cap-and-trade anti-global warming energy reform bill this year? You don’t? Well, don’t go looking around on the White House web site for evidence because it’s been scrubbed, according to an energy and environment trade publication. “The White House has recently revised its energy and […]

Snap! Dick Cavett Weighs In On 9/11 Debris Field Mosque

Since Dick’s op-ed piece is at the NY Times, you can easily figure out which way it’s going Real Americans, Please Stand Up Got that? With the headline, we learn that simply because you, and over 60% of the country, are exercising your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech, you are now not a real […]

When You Truly Need Someone To Do Something Stupid, Look For A Climate Creationist

Starting the day off on a lighter note A CLIMATE change protester managed to breach security at the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland by making an appointment to speak to an adviser and then glued herself to a desk. The woman dressed in bank worker-style clothes to avoid detection by police and bank […]

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