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Boston Globe Whines That The Girl Scouts Don’t Allow Boys

Sorry, sorry, my bad, I got that headline backwards Girls not allowed – Coed troops exemplify the work ethic, leadership and camaraderie of the Boy Scouts. So why aren’t they welcome at all levels of scouting? Because they’re the ……. Boy Scouts? After a few paragraphs spend discussing a mixed sex outdoors adventure, the BG […]

Rule 5 Saturday: Beer And Babes (17 Images)

What Is Causing Globull Warming?

Tom Nelson does his usual awesome job in skewering the climate alarmists with a post entitled Settled science?: Could all of the percentages below really be correct? Let’s highlight a few of the stories Tom found, shall we? AFP: McCartney calls for meat-free day to cut CO2 “A lower-meat diet could see greenhouse gases reduced […]

Shockingly, Democrats Receive No Political Lift From Stimulus

Among the inside the beltway political class and ObamaZombies, the Stimulus, otherwise known as the Generation Theft Act (alternatively known as the Pissing Money Down A Deep Well With Little Return Act), has been a super awesome magical piece of legislation, so, they are often clueless as to why it is so darned un-popular and […]

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