Rule 5 Saturday: Beer And Babes (17 Images)

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3 Responses to “Rule 5 Saturday: Beer And Babes (17 Images)”

  1. Lee Thomas says:

    Progressives believe that America is a GLUTTONOUS Nation. That we must be punished. In their mind its a global struggle and as a result America is the top 1-5 percent of wage earners…..

    Hence they should be taxed!! Punished. Told to stop consuming so much.

    They hate and despise big business. They hate wealth and comfort because not every soul on the planet lives in a house and drives 2 cars.

    Add up the numbers you posted….44%+20%+38%+80%=182%

    And thats just FOUR items….Just think if we eliminated everything that produced co2 in America we could eliminate about THIRTY THOUSAND PERCENT OF THE CO2 each year.

    Gotta Love the gloBULL warming alarmists math.

  2. captainfish says:

    The girl in the red bikini.. bent over. Is she expecting a beer-enema? What a waste of good beer.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Somehow, I am really thirsty today . . .

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