In Iraq, America Has Successfully Brought Democ…..Oh, Wait, Sorry, P0rn

I wonder if Liberals will be happy about the latest news from Iraq, what with all this progressivism and freedom and stuff?

The nude women on the DVD cover in a Baghdad street stall say it all: Change, whether you like it or not, is afoot in Iraq.

Hundreds of porn DVDs are stacked elbow-deep on a wooden table in Jassim Hanoun’s ramshackle stall on a downtown sidewalk. His other tables have Hollywood blockbusters, like “King Kong.” But not surprisingly, it’s the sex that sells best.

“I’ve got everything,” Hanoun says of his sex selection, flashing the kind of impish grin only a 22-year-old in tight jeans and slicked-back hair can pull off with any real conviction. “What do you want? I’ve got foreign films, Arab, Iraqi, Indian, celebrities – whatever you like.”

However, don’t ask for some beer or a bottle of Jack while watching

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One Response to “In Iraq, America Has Successfully Brought Democ…..Oh, Wait, Sorry, P0rn”

  1. ck says:

    Porn is good Islam is bad. 80% of heterosexual men like sex. 20% of hetero women like sex(the rest like what they can trade for it). Whores are the savior of Western Civilization.

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