Having Solved All Their Problems, San Fran Offers Legislation Restricting Happy Meals

On top of San Francisco considering banning pet sales, you just knew something like this had to happen

A serious move is afoot to force fast-food giants to make kids meals more nutritionally viable if they want to sell them with kid-luring toys.

In San Francisco, newly proposed legislation would ban toys from most kids meals sold at McDonald’s, Burger King and other chains unless the meals meet more stringent calorie and sodium limits. The legislation also would require fruit or veggies in each meal.

The Nanny City strikes again! Normally, I would suggest that, like with the pet stores, that the fast food places would simply close many of their locations, put more right outside the city limits. Unfortunately

The $179 billion fast-food industry is watching with intense interest — aware that menu-labeling requirements that started locally in New York City several years ago have since been copied regionally and will become federal law in 2014 under the health care act.

All you parents with jobs out there, you are, in the Governments eyes, just too half-witted to be able to feed your kids correctly. It’s cool if you are a Welfare Queen teaching your kids to live off the Government, ie, taxpayers, but, getting your kid a happy meal with a toy and no veggies? They can’t stop you personally, but, they can cause harm to the fast food joints.

“This is just another example of San Francisco taking a bad idea and making it worse,” says Daniel Conway, spokesman for the California Restaurant Association. “This ordinance will put restaurant employees in the position of playing food police.”

They’ll be deputized. Which is cool with the Government, as long as they do not check the patrons’ immigration status.

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3 Responses to “Having Solved All Their Problems, San Fran Offers Legislation Restricting Happy Meals”

  1. John Ryan says:

    First they made us stop selling cigarettes to kids
    Then it was firecrackers and made corporations start putting expiration dates on dairy foods. Then child car seats became LAW. What will the nanny state do next

  2. gitarcarver says:

    What will the nanny state do next

    Teach people how to spell and punctuate?

    You, as always, make the assumption that all rules are good. (As long as you agree with them.)

    As for preventing kids from buying cigarettes, 21% of all teens smoke today. The number rises to 26% of people under 21. How is that ban working out for you?

    Firecracker bans have not stopped people from being injured. In fact, the number of people injured from fireworks is higher than it was before bans.

    Yes, we do have child seat laws, and those laws help kill kids even to this day.

    The problem is, Ryan, that a nanny state gives people the false impression that everything in the world is safe, or the government would have outlawed it. Kids and adults never look at the consequences of their actions anymore.

    You, for example, never look at the consequences of your deceptions and lies. I suppose you want the nanny state to protect you as well, and to some extent they do.

    Clearly though, the nanny state failed in your education as you believe that 5 miles is the same as 300 feet.

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