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Filling The Swamp: Ethics Subcommittee Recommends Reprimand For Rangel

Let’s see if one is credibly charged with …improper corporate-financed travel to the Caribbean; failing to report a half-million dollars in assets on a financial disclosure form; failing to pay taxes on income of $75,000 from a villa in the Dominican Republic; using his congressional letterhead to solicit donations for a school named for him; […]

Hoyer (D-rugs): Letting The Tax Cuts Expire Is A “Republican Tax Increase”

If I did drugs, I’d probably want to know what Steny Hoyer is taking House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said on Wednesday that the expiration built into the Bush tax cuts is a “Republican tax increase” for “working Americans” and the Democrats have “no intention” of allowing it to go into effect. “We have […]

Indiana Fair To Include Globull Warming Exhibit

I’m sure the kiddies will have a blast! Next month’s Indiana State Fair will include a Purdue University science lesson tackling the hot topic of climate change. Fairgoers visiting the “Altered Earth” exhibit can learn how humans are contributing to climate change and how they can help reduce global warming. The display will explore climate, […]

DUmmies Didn’t Really Want A Pony

Funny stuff from the Democratic Underground, a bit of levity for a Friday morning I keep seeing the talking points around here about liberals wanting a pony, unicorn, whatever and since we haven’t gotten it, that’s why we’re unhappy with the Obama administration. I’ve also seen a similar talking point saying that liberals are too […]

Morons Block Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Results Are What You Would Expect

One would think that, after all the years of coverage about how Sheriff Joe Arpaio does his job, taking law and order very seriously, left wing protesters would think twice about doing what they did. Alas, no. Considering how many left wing protesters are second and third shift workers at fast food joints, maybe they […]

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