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Obligatory Obama Amnesty Speech

I was going to wait till Friday to post this up as part of the off again/on again Friday Stupid series, but, monumental stupidity just can’t wait. ABC News skips the main “did he just say that?” comment, but, Hot Air catches what Mr. “Focused like a laser on jobs and the economy” went hall […]

Hey, Remember When The Media And Government Tried Their Scare-a-thon With The Swine Flu?

How’d that work out? About a quarter of the swine flu vaccine produced for the U.S. public has expired — meaning that a whopping 40 million doses worth about $260 million are being written off as trash. About 30 million more doses will expire later and may go unused, according to one government estimate. If […]

Troopathon 2010: Show Our Troops We Haven’t Forgotten About Them

Quite frankly, I am just stealing the headline from Carol at No Sheeples Here Move America Forward’s third annual Troopathon is being held at 4:00PM PDT (1:00PM EDT) today and we need your support more than ever! MAF just came back from a trip to Iraq last week, and the troops there are wondering if […]

Oh, Snap! 3rd Circuit Court To Consider Whether Obama Is Even American

Seriously, I thought we had moved on from this Three judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are beginning to review a case that alleges Barack Obama is not eligible to be president and may not even be American. The federal court case, brought by attorney Mario Apuzzo on behalf of plaintiffs Charles […]

Aside: American Power Points Out Liberal Fail

American Power: Fail-Blogger Blue Texan Single-Handedly Changes Definition of Word ‘Never’

Portland Police Reopen Sexual Assault Case Against Al Gore

Someone could be in really big trouble, and it could potentially be rather hard for Gore to push his brand of globull warming alarmism from a court room, and potentially, a jail cell Portland police said Wednesday that they will reopen and investigate a massage therapist’s allegations that former Vice President Al Gore sexually assaulted […]

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