Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

PeBO On Vacation: Next Time He Whines About Cutting Back And/Or AGW….

One of the fun stories on Memeorandum is about people hanging out waiting in places for Barack Obama to once again shirk his duties and take yet another vacation. Too be honest, I glossed over it, till I saw the spin over at Fark (Doug Powers, blogging at Michelle Malkin’s spot, caught it too): White […]

Obama Takes Credit For Oil Cap

Over at Forbes, Brian Wingfield writes about something I noticed yesterday, as well, while listening to the Jason Schnitt Show on the way home (taped delay in Raleigh, tuned in using iHeart Radio), which had excerpts from PeBo’s speech. Though, Wingfield is a bit more charitable with his headline: Is Obama Claiming Credit for Gulf […]

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