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AGW Today: Envirowackos Not Even Happy With Biomass

You know what biomass is, right? In essence, it is a fancy way of saying “incinerating trees and garbage.” Yes, it does encompass a few more types of organic matter, but the predominant sources are wood and garbage. And, now it is having some difficulties An energy technology that has long been viewed as a […]

Unemployment Since 1995 – A Picture Says It All

Funny how the Dems want to blame Bush, yet, they controlled the House and Senate, you know, the branch of government which passes laws and such. Via Gay Patriot, from Newsalert

Lefty Groups Attempting To Join Together And Create “One Nation”

Funny stuff from the Washington Post If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the “tea party” movement must be honored. In an effort to replicate the tea party’s success, 170 liberal and civil rights groups are forming a coalition that they hope will match the movement’s political energy and influence. They promise to “counter […]

Snap! Obama Admin Has Agents Asking Companies For “Papers” On Illegal Employees

Let’s see: The NY Times pitches a hissy fit over Arizona police asking for the “papers” of those who have come in contact with the police during a lawful interaction. Obama sending federal agents around to companies to ask for the papers on their workers? No freakout. That’s strange, eh? The Obama administration has replaced […]

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