Daily Archives: July 14, 2010

Morgues Overflowing In Kenya, Guess What Is To Blame?

Pro hint: it’s not Bush Doctors at Mutomo District Hospital in Kitui said the hospital’s morgue is overflowing with dead bodies as a result of the suicide surge, and its beds are full of survivors of suicide attempts. Mukele, the psychologist in the region, said some suicidal farmers have harmed their families as well. “Many […]

Oh, Hey, 57% Support Arizona’s Illegal Criminals Law

On Monday, The Christian Science Monitor had an article (via Yahoo News) that had support at 51-35% for/against the Arizona legislation. Yesterday, CBS came out with Public support for Arizona’s controversial new immigration law has increased slightly, a new CBS News poll shows, with 57 percent of Americans characterizing the law as “about right” in […]

Obama Finally Finds A Reason To Hate Al Qaeda

Remember right after September 11th, how Obama was wondering what America did wrong, and how we have to understand the motives of these terrorists? Wasn’t that much outrage from PeBO, but, now, witness why Obama finally hates al Qaeda In an interview earlier today with the South African Broadcasting Corporation to air in a few […]

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