Daily Archives: July 3, 2010

Philly Mayor Wants To Block Giving Data On Illegals To ICE

Once again, a hardcore progressive (not an Obama supporter, though. He went for Hillary) shows exactly where they stand on law and order, to wit, placing politics over doing what is legal The mayor of Philadelphia is seeking to rally other city leaders behind blocking federal immigration authorities from accessing city arrest records over concerns […]

Uh Oh. Media Noticing That Democrat Economic Policies Aren’t Working

Of course, they won’t come out and say that, since they vote Democrat mostly, after all. Many of them have seemed to have turned a corner in wondering just what the heck the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats are doing The economic expansion is sputtering. It’s been hit or miss ever since the passage of […]

Nixon Era Global Warming Documents Send Alarmists Into Orgasm

And by documents, I mean a total of three, only two of which mention CO2, and were asking for serious, real scientific inquiry into the matter, but, they have sent the climate alarmists in the media into orgasm. Both the AP and MSNBC have great spin on these documents, among others. Let’s look at the […]

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