Daily Archives: July 25, 2010

NY Times Corrects Itself Over John Lewis Raaaaacism Issue

Apparently, it’s Raaacist Weekend at the Times. So far, we have, among others, Race: Still Too Hot to Touch (Money paragraph: In many ways, Ms. Sherrod’s ordeal followed a depressingly familiar pattern in American life, in which anyone who even tries to talk about race risks public outrage and humiliation. They should substitute Conservative for […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! It is a beautiful day in America, though, a bit hot and sticky. Perfect for heading to our awesome seashores. This pinup us by Bill Medcalf, with a wee bit of help. BTW, I just noticed that this is the 250th edition! Dude and dudettes! Oh, and just had my 6th Blogoversary on […]

Britain Slowly Doing Away With Government Health Care

As America slowly moves towards full government run health care, Britain, a country 1/40th the size of the USA in geography (#79 on the size chart, with the USA at #3) is moving away from single payer and government control, and has actual plans to do this Perhaps the only consistent thing about Britain’s socialized […]

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