PeBO On Vacation: Next Time He Whines About Cutting Back And/Or AGW….

One of the fun stories on Memeorandum is about people hanging out waiting in places for Barack Obama to once again shirk his duties and take yet another vacation. Too be honest, I glossed over it, till I saw the spin over at Fark (Doug Powers, blogging at Michelle Malkin’s spot, caught it too): White House wanderers tour Acadia

Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and the president’s personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with Baldacci.

When it comes to climate change and such, it’s do as I say, not as I do.

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4 Responses to “PeBO On Vacation: Next Time He Whines About Cutting Back And/Or AGW….”

  1. Otter says:

    How about that .03 degree increase in temps, eh?

    And the California region was 3 FULL DEGREES WARMER during the MWP than it is today. 100 Times the miniscule increase this year!

  2. It’s funny: the alarmists complain when we show a lower than normal month, but, up .03? Then it is AGW going to kill us all, and they trumpet this from the rooftops.

  3. ck says:

    So they can’t find room for the dog and the boyfriend on a 747?

  4. Trish says:

    Wow, their dog gets to do on a great vacation, AND on his own personal jet.
    Double standards squared.

    I don’t begrudge the Obamas a vacation; especially the children- they ought to be taken all over to see the country and have some fun away from the Whitehouse from time to time. (since a lot of what happens in DC, to kids, is drudgery)
    But, why DIDn’t they go to Louisiana or Gulf Shores et al, to promote tourism to the Gulf? And why not take the little pooch ON board with them.

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