Indiana Fair To Include Globull Warming Exhibit

I’m sure the kiddies will have a blast!

Next month’s Indiana State Fair will include a Purdue University science lesson tackling the hot topic of climate change.

Fairgoers visiting the “Altered Earth” exhibit can learn how humans are contributing to climate change and how they can help reduce global warming.

The display will explore climate, weather and global warming with the “Climate Kids.”

Hmm, I’ve been to the state fair in Raleigh many, many times. If the Indiana fair is anything like North Carolina’s, it will be based around livestock (which put out tons of methane), concerts (which use quite a bit of electricity), amusements (which use a lot of electricity) and food (which is often wasted, uses a lot of electricity and resources). Oh, look, it is. Perhaps they should cancel the fair in order to be AGW compliant.

Via Tom Nelson

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