DUmmies Didn’t Really Want A Pony

Funny stuff from the Democratic Underground, a bit of levity for a Friday morning

I keep seeing the talking points around here about liberals wanting a pony, unicorn, whatever and since we haven’t gotten it, that’s why we’re unhappy with the Obama administration. I’ve also seen a similar talking point saying that liberals are too impatient with Obama, that it takes time for Change to happen and we need to be patient.

That simply isn’t the case.

The vast majority of liberals didn’t want a pony, nor did we want tons of change now. Myself, and many others, are actually quite pragmatic about politics and realized that change would be incremental, and that it would take time. After all, we’ve seen this all happen before.

What we didn’t expect, nor want, was for a supposed set of political allies in the White House to start actually attacking us, nor did we want that “Change” to be for the worse. Yet that is what has happened. Obama and his White House has put millions of liberals under attack in many different ways. If you are a teacher, you’re under attack. If you are a civil libertarian, you are under attack. If you are anti-war, nobody is listening to you. If you are middle or working class, expect to be under attack in a few years, as that mandated monopoly known as HCR allows you to be bled dry by the insurance industry.

The lists of attacks on ideals and principles that we on the left hold dear is a long one.

We weren’t expecting a pony. We didn’t expect to see thirty years of damage undone overnight. However we were expecting that, at worst, the left would suffer from some sort of benign neglect, the usual case these days for liberals in the Democratic party. Instead, our issues and ourselves came under attack almost from the minute Obama took office. This is why the left in this country is unhappy, this is why we’re pissed off, because an administration that we thought was at least marginally on our side(especially since we gave of ourselves to get him there) is now turning around and attacking liberals on several fronts. This isn’t what we signed up for, this isn’t what we support. This is why liberals are now suddenly pissed at Obama.

It isn’t ponies,

It isn’t unicorns,

It is the simple fact that we are now under assault by this administration, just as we were under Bush.

Do you get it now?

Of course, this caused a contentious debate in the comments, though, it seems that the ones who are pissed off at Obama are winning. Anyhow, that’s what they get for backing and voting for a guy with no real world experience, who allied himself with the Chicago Machine and an unrepentant domestic terrorist to start his political career, not to mention sitting in the pews listening to a hate monger, etc and so on. You know the story

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8 Responses to “DUmmies Didn’t Really Want A Pony”

  1. Reasic says:

    What you’re still not getting, Teach, is that the REASON they’re pissed at him is that he’s NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH. lol. You inhabitants of Glenn Beckistan, who claim that his policies will lead to Socialism, and how Obama is a Marxist, are too blind to see that all of this policital posturing flies in the face of the fact that Obama is actually centrist, compared to the expectations of many of his proponents.

    • Centrist? Seriously? I usually do not like to go with the personal attacks, Reasic, but, damn, what kool aid have you been drinking?

      For someone who states that he is deeply serious about politics and likes to know all the facts, you are woefully deluded about Obama and what he stands for and wants to implement, which is vastly far left.

      And, you’re right, they are pissed that he is not liberal enough. A good chunk expect a good Democrat, not a monsterously far left Progressive hell bent on turning the USA in a bigger version of Greece.

  2. mojo says:

    Oh, boo hoo. Gee, ya mean Mr. Wonderful has started farting and belching at your progressive garden party, bubela?

    So sad. Who could’ve figured that a come-from-nowhere, thoroughly wired-up machine pol from Chicago might be an incompetent buffoon as President?

    Oh wait. That was me.

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  4. Otter says:

    obama is centrist if the Right begins with Lenin.

  5. Kevin says:

    Crap. So if I read this right, I’m NOT getting a pony?


  6. BuckFobama says:

    Obama a centrist?

    Please give me the wacky tobaccy your on obot mafia grunt

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