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Sweet! Media Whine About No Barry Photo Ops At Nuke Photo Op

Can someone get Dana Milbank a waaaaaaahm-bulance? World leaders arriving in Washington for President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit must have felt for a moment that they had instead been transported to Soviet-era Moscow. They entered a capital that had become a military encampment, with camo-wearing military police in Humvees and enough Army vehicles to make […]

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Things That Piss Off Islamists: Love Songs

Just another day with the Religion of Intolerance. You’d think they were liberals or something Somali radio stations stopped playing music on Tuesday after hardline militants called it un-Islamic and ordered stations to take songs off the air. The edict is the latest unpopular order from Islamists, who also have banned bras, musical ringtones and […]

AGW Today: Bribes And Threats On Display In Bonn

If the science is just so damned sound, why is there a need for this? Rich countries have threatened to cut vital aid to the developing nations if they do not back the deal agreed at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, it has emerged. The pressure on poor countries to support the US, EU […]

I Wonder If Senator Schumer Has Considered A Nakation?

What with his whole silliness on overhead baggage fees, maybe he should consider taking a nakation.

Evil Insurance Company Drops Coverage For Mom With Cancer Right Before Surgery

Oh, wait, excuse, did I say “Insurance Company?” Sorry, my bad, should probably have more coffee A Hollywood woman who was dropped from├é┬áMedicaid coverage while needing a bone marrow transplant is finally getting the coverage and treatment she needs to stay alive. Diana Smith is battling a rare form of Leukemia and needs the transplant […]

Hey, Maybe Congress Should Have Read The Bill First After All

The New York Times (I will no longer refer to them as the F*sh Wrap, as that brings massive trackback spam) publishes a story that should have been in the humor section, rather than page A13 of the NY Edition: Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers It is often said that the new […]

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