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Gorilla Love Fire?

Why, yes, now that you ask, there is a story with that image.

Bergen County Teachers Union Prays For Chris Christie’s Death, Tries The “Just A Joke” Avenue

Let’s file this one under “left wing death threats? What left wing threats?” I’m sure Excitable Chucky will chime in to decry this shortly, when he steps away from the patting himself on the back, creationism, climahysteria, Palin bashing, and all those other thing independents do New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s take-no-prisoners demand for education […]

Jihad Supporting Amnesty International Whines About Hurricane Katrina “Human Rights Violations”

You remember Amnesty International and their support of Islamic Jihad, right? Here’s the latest from these big government Nanny State socialists The U.S. government and Gulf Coast states have consistently violated the human rights of hurricane victims since Hurricane Katrina killed about 1,800 people and caused widespread devastation after striking in August 2005, Amnesty International […]

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