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President Thin Skin May Cancel Karzai Visit

How dare Hamid Karzai make waves! How Rude! Mr Karzai was due to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on May 12. Mr Obama extended the long-sought invitation during his own visit to Kabul late last month after telling Karzai and his cabinet that he was pleased with progress on anti-corruption measures […]

AP: Fiercer Storms Are AGW, Confirmed By Study By Climate Alarmists

It’s springtime, so, here we go The Northeast is seeing more frequent “extreme precipitation events” in line with global warming predictions, a study shows, including storms like the recent fierce rains whose floodwaters swallowed neighborhoods and businesses across New England. The study does not link last week’s devastating floods to its research but examined 60 […]

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Feds To Test Results-Only Work. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It’s not as if government sector positions are getting paid far more than their public sector counterparts, so, hey, let’s find a way to let them work less The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will soon implement a pilot that moves 400 agency employees into a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) — where employees can […]

Aside: Gateway Pundit On Harry Reid Supporters

Gateway Pundit: Figures. Harry Reid Supporter Screams Teapartiers “Can Drop Dead” at Town Hall. Media Silent (Video)

Aside: The Other McCain On Hopeless Harry Reid

The Other McCain: Nevada Voters to Hopeless Harry Reid: ‘We’re Just Not That Into You’

Aside: Nice Deb On Harry Reid’s Campaign Kick Off

Nice Deb: Harry Reid Kicks Off Campaign Tour In Searchlight To A Crowd of Approximately 100

Aside: No Sheeples Here Celebrates Duke Victory

No Sheeples Here: One Short Shot

Maybe The iPad Isn’t All That

It surely will not replace a laptop, not when it has 13 glaring shortcomings. If you can’t simply hook it up to your printer with a USB cord, yeah, not a laptop killer. It’s a cute (and expensive) toy.

Fish Wrap Forgets To Inform That Killed Photographer Was Hanging With Insurgents

Have you heard about the video that was released that showed the killing of a Reuters photographer back in 2007 by American military helicopters? The Times makes sure that you don’t miss it: Video Shows American Killing of Photographer The Web site WikiLeaks.org released a graphic video on Monday showing an American helicopter shooting and […]

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