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Hmm, I Can Understand Little Timmy Geithner’s Tax Problems

So, I did my federal taxes with Turbo Tax online. Started doing my NC state taxes, said I would owe $10. To hell if I am going to pay to finish that state return, so, just did it manually. Yeah, I know, get ‘er done. Interestingly, doing it manually, the state owes me $273. Checked […]

Oh Noes, The Sarcasm Of Sarah Palin Hurts Widdle Lib Feewings!

Back in the day when I spent quite a bit of time on the Harball forum at NJ.com, there was a word we would sling around when someone was put in a corner where there main response would be along the lines of “you’re mean” or “GFYS”: reduced. That word applies very well to this […]

Monday Seashore (1Image)

Hmm, this doesn’t work when using iPhone app with embeded pictures. Fixed

Fee Free Carry On Baggage Is Apparently A “Right”

Apparently, having solved all of America’s problems, Chuckie Schumer has nothing better to do U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday he’s trying to get the federal government to prohibit airlines from charging a fee for carry-on baggage, calling it a “slap in the face to travelers.” The New York Democrat is making a personal plea […]

Washington Readies For Huge Jobs Summit

Oh, wait, did I say jobs? Sorry, my mistake, the economy and jobs are still being ignored, in favor of climate change, amnesty for illegals, and nuclear weapons The nation’s capital is gearing up for a very busy couple of days. President Obama opens a summit on nuclear security Monday with dozens of world leaders […]

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