Daily Archives: April 20, 2010

Consider This As Obama Demonizes Goldman Sachs

Not that GS doesn’t need a bit of smacking around for what they did, but, via the Purple Avenger at Ace’s spot (who has a great breakdown of the issue) Hmm, remember a time when the Democrats called for Republicans to return the money from Jack Abramoff? Here we have Obama with way more money […]

Here Comes The New Version Of Cap And Tax

Hey, I distinctly remember that Obama said he would concentrate on jobs and the economy. I suppose he is correct, because almost all the legislation Democrats are pushing will harm jobs and the economy. Here comes the next one (again) A carefully crafted compromise on climate change that narrowly passed in the House last June […]

Nanny State To Regulate Your Salt Intake

Aren’t you thrilled that the Government is just looking out for your best interests, since you are obviously to incompetent to make your own decisions? FDA takes aim at salt content in processed food The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying […]

PETA Has An Issue With Comical Dog Riding Monkeys In Cute Costumes

Starting out the day on a lighter note this Tuesday, and proving yet again that folks on the Left tend to have no sense of humor When the dog-riding capuchin monkeys are in town, people talk. (video at the link) Philip “Dolce” Hendricks, owner of the Banana Derby, says his festival attraction tends to draw […]

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