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White House Solicits Science Policy In 140 Characters Or Less

Well, at least they aren’t asking a service that makes no money how to fix the economy again Send a manned mission to Mars. Create electric conversion kits for gas vehicles. Cure addictions and eradicate cancer. However futuristic, lofty or realistic the aforementioned goals are, the government is seeking such ambitious science and technology notions. […]

Camera Shy Polar Bear (1 Image)

Why, yes, there is a back story, now that you ask.

Wednesday Stupid: John Kerry On AGW And The State Of Higher Education

When you really, really, really need someone to write something incredibly stupid, John Kerry is available We begin not just by curbing man-made carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change at an alarming rate but by also establishing incentives for private investment in clean energy technology industries. Over the next 10 years, those investments […]

Wacky Alan Grayson Wins An Award!

Remember Wacky Alan Grayson’s attempt to muzzle, fine, and jail critics for their “mycongressmanisnuts.com” website? It won him a Muzzie Award, and Gateway Pundit has the details.

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Cushy Photo Ops, Forget Those Pesky Human Rights

President Obama is apparently fast becoming the Megan Fox of the political world. He looks good doing his thing, and the people around the world like him better than George Bush, but, when it comes to the leaders he has to work with, he creates quite a bite of strife with our allies, and most […]

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