White House Solicits Science Policy In 140 Characters Or Less

Well, at least they aren’t asking a service that makes no money how to fix the economy again

Send a manned mission to Mars. Create electric conversion kits for gas vehicles. Cure addictions and eradicate cancer. However futuristic, lofty or realistic the aforementioned goals are, the government is seeking such ambitious science and technology notions.

Incorporating Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Economic Council recently launched a program dubbed “Grand Challenges of the 21st Century,” which aims to solicit the knowledge and future-thinking ways of the public.

Well, considering the state of liberal/lefty “scientific” thought feelings, this is about what one would expect.

Of course, some ideas are more practical than others: “Solar-powered Star Trek replicators to feed the world.”

I can back that one.

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