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Having Solved All Of America’s Problems, Congress Considers Dolphin And Killer Whale Shows

Oh, wait, they haven’t solved any of the problems, such as high unemployment, massive deficits, increasing health costs, threats of Islamic terrorism, etc and so on? Goodness! This must be super mega duper important, though: Congress weighs risks, benefits of killer whale and dolphin shows A SeaWorld curator told Congress today that the theme park’s […]

Leftist Eco-Terrorists Busted Before They Could Bomb IBM Near Zurich

Can you imagine if these were TEA Partiers? It would be splashed all over the news. But, hey, since they are eco-nuts, not much to see, move along A routine traffic-stop in Switzerland has allegedly thwarted eco-terrorists from blowing up the site of the £55million nano-technology HQ of IBM in Europe. The three members – […]

Tuesday Must Be Gun Day (20 Images)

New Arizona Law Forces Hard Choices For Illegal Aliens. Bummer

Yeah, I know, I haven’t done much on globull warming as of late, but, hey, illegal immigration is one of my core political sub-issues below Conservatism. And I do love fixing headlines, especially ones that yammer on about “migrants,” then write this With Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants looming, Guatemalan Samuel Roldan is swapping the […]

Humor Tuesday: Obama Convenes Panel To Find Solutions To The Budget Problems He Helped Create

You do have to give Obama high chutzpah marks for pulling this stunt, though Seeking to show he is serious about reining in soaring budget deficits, President Barack Obama on Tuesday will kick off the work of a panel he created to try to solve the nation’s fiscal woes. Obama has given the independent, 18-member […]

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