Leftist Eco-Terrorists Busted Before They Could Bomb IBM Near Zurich

Can you imagine if these were TEA Partiers? It would be splashed all over the news. But, hey, since they are eco-nuts, not much to see, move along

A routine traffic-stop in Switzerland has allegedly thwarted eco-terrorists from blowing up the site of the £55million nano-technology HQ of IBM in Europe.

The three members – two men and a woman – of the Italian terrorist group Il Silvestre were stopped just a few miles from their target with their explosive device primed and ready to go.

Italians Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini, together with Italian-Swiss Luca Bernasconi, were arrested and jailed after a search of their vehicle revealed the bomb.

Guerini and Constantino – the 33-year-old leader of Il Silvestre – already have convictions for eco-terrorism offences and have served jail terms.

The group describes itself as anarchist and is opposed to all forms of micro-technology as well as nuclear power and weapons.

Sweetness and Light catches the AP whitewashing what The Daily Mail didn’t.

Elsewhere in the wide world of green nuttery, Tom Nelson catches people donning “seed sprouting face masks” that sequester your own CO2, with accompanying wacko picture. Why do climate alarmists want to kill off plant life by reducing your valuable CO2?

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One Response to “Leftist Eco-Terrorists Busted Before They Could Bomb IBM Near Zurich”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Il Silvestre is not leftist it is an anarchist movement. Lefties want BIG GOVERNMENT anarchists want small government.

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