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Feel Good Story Of The Day: Iraqi Boy Has A New Lease On Life

What with all the damage Dear Leader and his cohorts are doing to our country, we sometimes forget about the really heart warming stories out there. Case in point A 13-year-old Iraqi boy brought to Michigan a year ago by a National Guardsman so he could get plastic surgery to repair scars from a house […]

Wednesday Wacky (1 Image)

Yeah, I usually like to avoid political photos for these posts, but, come on, had to do it!

Palin Email Hacker’s Lawyer Tries Out The “It Was Just A Prank” Defense

If this doesn’t prove the guy is a Typical Liberal, I don’t know what else does Jurors in the trial of a former college student charged with hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail account in 2008 heard testimony Tuesday that the accused man didn’t believe in what Palin wanted to do when she was the Republican vice […]

AGW Today: Free Light Bulb Night At The Ball Park!

I’m not quite sure whether to be appalled or amused, to laugh out loud or do a double face palm Xcel Energy is giving away compact fluorescent light bulbs to every person attending Wednesday’s Minnesota Twins home game, and four of those bulbs come with free tickets to future home games this season. The energy-efficient […]

Two Democrats Ask Obama To Shake Down Arizona Governor Over Illegals

Nice to have more confirmation that the Democrat Party is even more like the Mafia. Without the morals and prevailing rules of conduct, of course Two House Democrats on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to shun an immigration enforcement bill in Arizona — an attempt to put new pressure on him to enact comprehensive immigration […]

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