Two Democrats Ask Obama To Shake Down Arizona Governor Over Illegals

Nice to have more confirmation that the Democrat Party is even more like the Mafia. Without the morals and prevailing rules of conduct, of course

Two House Democrats on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to shun an immigration enforcement bill in Arizona — an attempt to put new pressure on him to enact comprehensive immigration reforms at the federal level.

Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) asked Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, to reject a bill requiring, among other things, that police question and demand documentation from suspected illegal immigrants. The Arizona state Senate on Monday cleared the bill for the governor’s signature.

But Gutierrez and Grijalva also asked Obama to call for a veto, either by warning of federal pre-emption of the law itself or by threatening Arizona’s federal funding.

“I’m sure the president could get the governor on the phone — I bet you that wouldn’t be too hard to do — and say, ‘Don’t do this, because it could affect funding … from the federal government. It could affect the relationship between the federal government and the state of Arizona,’ ” Gutierrez said. “I’m sure that if you posted signs that said you could drive 85 miles per hour, in spite of the 65 mile-per-hour limit, something tells me you might not get highway funds.

“There are consequences,” said Gutierrez.

Now, out in the private sector, that would be called “extortion”, and earn some people their day in court, followed, perhaps, by a stay within the prison system.

Perhaps Democrats have heard of the 10th Amendment? Yes, Los Federales have power over securing the federal borders, but, that said, they also have a duty to uphold the law of the land, and States have a Constitution Right to manage their internal affairs, not to mention their own duties to uphold the law and safeguard their citizens.

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6 Responses to “Two Democrats Ask Obama To Shake Down Arizona Governor Over Illegals”

  1. manbearpig says:

    While I am all in favor of cracking down on illegals and enforcing the borders, I have to say I am a bit uncomfortable with the police just being able to demand ID. It smacks of the Nazis demanding to see someone’s papers. Now I am all for the local police enforcing immigration law if they have proof of it, but to see someone on the street and just decide they need to whip out some ID to prove they are citizens doesn’t seem right.

  2. I can’t disagree with that, MBP. The police will have to be taught, and be judicious in their application of the law.

  3. Brittanicus says:

    What Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has to say about Amnesty and Tax-Dollar Drain,

    Lamar Smith is the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee.

    Outside of the usual articles from Bloggers like myself and other opponents of illegal immigration, here is a very eye-opening correspondence by an insider of the Washington beltway. While others fudge the truth or downright lie or release rancid propaganda to the masses. Here are some bitter truths that this Representative from Texas is availing us of the ugly truth and the calamitous situation sending us into a black bottomless pit of American bankruptcy.

    Rep. Lamar Smith states:

    President Obama and Congressional Democrats have been talking about giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Tax Day seems like a good time to examine the impact that such a policy would have on your wallet.

    Start with education. Using the average annual American public school elementary and secondary education costs, the Federation for American Immigration Reform has estimated that the total cost of K-12 education for illegal immigrant minors and the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants is $28.6 billion a year.

    Then there’s health care. If illegal immigrants are covered in the health care bill (there is not a strong verification mechanism to ensure they won’t get benefits), it would increase the bill’s costs between $10-$30 billion. Of course, it won’t matter if illegal immigrants receive amnesty since the new law requires health care coverage for everyone.

    Social Security is another area of great concern. Claims by amnesty advocates that illegal immigration can “save” Social Security are false.

    Last year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) ran the numbers at my request. Here’s what they found: For a single 25-year old male with very low earnings, today’s value of his and his employer’s contributions to the Trust Fund will fall $15,596 short of the value of the Social Security retirement benefits he will eventually receive. A single female will receive $20,936 more in benefits than she pays into Social Security. If the immigrant is married but the sole wage-earner, the couple will eventually drain the Trust Fund by $52,460; if the immigrant is married to another very low earner, the drain on the trust fund will be $39,037. The legalization of one million illegal immigrant couples who work for very low wages would be a $101 billion blow to taxpayers. And amnesty for all illegal immigrants would multiply this figure many times!

    When it comes to taxes, amnesty supporters like to say that illegal immigrants will pay their “fair share” of taxes after being granted amnesty. This is deceptive.

    Low-skilled workers often pay no taxes and receive a check from the Internal Revenue Service in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Putting illegal immigrants on the IRS rolls will actually cost the federal government money.

    Since most illegal immigrants have less than a high school education and have well below average incomes, even those illegal immigrants who pay taxes pay far less in taxes than they (and their families) consume in taxpayer-supported benefits. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found that the average immigrant household headed by an immigrant without a high school degree receives over $19,000 more in total government benefits each year than it pays in federal, state and local taxes!

    But the impact goes far beyond these direct costs.

    There are nearly 16 million Americans out of work, and about 8 million jobs are held by illegal immigrants. By simply enforcing immigration laws already on the books, we could create millions of job opportunities for American citizens and legal immigrants who played by the rules and entered the U.S. the right way.

    Instead, the Obama administration has all but abandoned worksite enforcement efforts. Administrative arrests are down 87 percent; criminal arrests of employees are down 83 percent; criminal arrests of employers are down 73 percent; the number of criminal indictments are down 86 percent; and the number of criminal convictions is down 83 percent since 2008. This insults unemployed and underemployed American workers who need the jobs held by illegal immigrants.

    The hit is on your wallet! Illegal immigrants are a fiscal drain on American taxpayers. And the Obama administration’s policies only make it worse.

    Not copyrighted! Tell–ALL–American citizens and permanent residents. PASS AROUND TO EVERYBODY.

  4. captainfish says:

    Sheriff Joe for president.
    Illegals broke the law. That is a law enforcement issue. It is PURELY legal for law enforcement personnel to ask for ID at any time. How many times have you been asked when cops pull you over in your car?

  5. mojo says:

    “I’m comin’ over there with a couple of my boys, see?”

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