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Doctors Who Take Big Pharma Money To Be On List

Just another incentive for doctors to get out of the profession Doctors who accept speaking fees, five-star meals and other compensation from pharmaceutical or medical device companies will soon see their names -– and the value of the gifts they accept -– revealed on the Web, under a new federal law that follows several states […]

Hamas Shows Their Warm And Fuzzy Side, Makes Cartoon About Gilad Shalit

And by “warm and fuzzy,” I mean they threaten his life Hamas released an animated film Sunday bearing a grisly message for Israel: If it doesn’t meet the Islamic militant group’s demands, an Israeli soldier it has held for nearly four years could return home in a coffin. The short but sophisticated cartoon – which […]

More On The Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law

A general mish-mash of news, starting with CNN, which called the demonstration Sunday “largely peaceful.” Does that mean that there were acts that were not peaceful, too? They don’t say. They do say this Chanting “Yes we can,” waving American flags and holding signs reading “We have rights” and “We are human,” demonstrators kept up […]

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