Oh Noes, The Sarcasm Of Sarah Palin Hurts Widdle Lib Feewings!

Back in the day when I spent quite a bit of time on the Harball forum at NJ.com, there was a word we would sling around when someone was put in a corner where there main response would be along the lines of “you’re mean” or “GFYS”: reduced. That word applies very well to this silly article in the Washington Post

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin delivered a well-received speech on Friday at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, an address defined — as almost all of her public pronouncements have been in the 18 months since she emerged on the national political scene — by a stinging sense of sarcasm.

In her speech, Palin took her now-familiar stance as a wry critic of the Obama Administration.

“Yes we can spread the wealth around,” she said.

Palin questioned President Obama‘s stance on nuclear weapons, mocking “all the vast nuclear experience he acquired as a community organizer and as a part time Senator.”

“How’s that hopey, changey thing working for you now,” she asked.

Oh, no, sarcasm! How dare she! It’s simply amazing what liberals will whine about. In my mind, some sarcasm about elected officials is vastly preferred to elected officials smearing private citizens.

Sarcasm rarely plays well in politics — particularly among the independent voters who typically decide elections. It’s why naturally sarcastic pols — President Obama among them — largely avoid any wise-cracking in public.

Hmm, I wonder if Chris Cillizza complained about Obama’s sarcastic remark “Last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues”?

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2 Responses to “Oh Noes, The Sarcasm Of Sarah Palin Hurts Widdle Lib Feewings!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    all the Dems are hoping she will be the GOP’s nominee in 2012

  2. Trish says:

    Johnnie, she won’t run, but we will win. She will stir the pot, she will fire everyone up, but I don’t think she will run this time around. I won’t write her off for the future though.

    The party of thin skin is losing their collective wits; Demorats double standards are now so blatantly noticable by the average American, there’s no contest as to whom the public think are the bad guys anymore.

    Finally, MSM is not the only source of information. It’s a real downer to those liberals who manipulated and monopolized it for so long.

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