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Battle Hard Bear In Baghdad

This a really cool photo/caption site, got to check it out. Some school kids sent some items to members of the 101st, including Private Battle Hard Bear. It’s not exactly new, but, pretty cool Thanks to Sal.

Global Warming Today: More Meetings Will Fix It!

Just what we need (Via Insty) Emissions of hot air at international meetings designed to prevent Earth from warming are rising. Just last week, more than 80 heads of state convened in New York under the aegis of the United Nations to decide how to tackle climate change. Yippee yahoo! How ’bout that, meeting after […]

Alexandria, Va., Continues Pro-Illegal

Doesn’t it just make you feel special that a government is going to, in affect, take money out of the mouths of its legal citizens and give it to those who aren’t? The city of Alexandria, Va., is expected to pass a resolution tonight renewing its commitment to extend public services to illegal aliens. "We are […]

Aside: Climahysteria

More climahysteria over at al-Reuters. No, no, couldn’t have anything to do with an anti-capitalist agenda, right?

Beer Tuesday: Wither Costa Rica’s Prized Welfare System

Seriously, sometimes the folks in the media really, really, really need a beer. These are two stories from our "unbiased" media on Sunday SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters) – Costa Ricans voted on a free-trade deal with the United States on Sunday in a referendum that has split the Central American nation like no other […]

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