Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

Prozac Diaries: Liberals Love Our Military (?)

Via Stop The ACLU and Weasal Zippers Never in a million years did I imagine my son would join the Army. Nor did Evan. In high school, he’d hang up on recruiters who called the house. He’d blurt, “Get away from me!” to the ones who trawled the local hangouts. Our home was liberal Democrat […]

I Guess Congress Really Doesn’t Want US To Witness Their Business

So here I am in Washington, taking a couple of PTO days, seeing the sights, just chilling, going to meet some friends on Wednesday. Just didn’t feel like driving or flying anywhere far, since I have to break the vacation up by hitting a meeting on Friday. I was interested to see if it would […]

TLF: Hail The Liberal Edumacation Dropout System

Isn’t it nice to know that our education system, run and staffed predominately by liberals-who are protected by all sorts of unions that couldn’t care less about the purpose of the education system, namely, to educate children-is doing so well? It’s a nickname no principal could be proud of: “Dropout Factory,” a high school where […]

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