Daily Archives: October 14, 2007

Fire Breathing Pumpkins! Are You Ready?

Who is going to have the best pumpkin for Halloween? Can you make it breathe fire? Welcome to the world of extreme pumkins! Heh! Sure beats that silly libtard one using chickenwire to recreate the World Trade Center, eh?

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a happy Sunday to all! Yet another gorgeous day in America, causing mass lib depression. Not sure who created this pinup, been to the usual haunts, cannot find the artist. If anyone knows, drop me a line, please, so I can give proper credit. Patriot Bunny is lonely without knowing the artist. So, what […]

Good News! Climate Change Threatens Peace

Cross posted at Right Wing News, weekend edition. Thanks to John Hawkins for including Pirate’s Cove. Well, this is good news for those those who backed The Goracle receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and were tickled pinko when he won it, thanks to 5 bored Norwegians What does global warming have to do with global […]

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