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Aside: Kate Beckinsale Hotty!

Underworld hottie Kate Beckinsale in tasteful, yet smoking, photo’s (FYI, Kontraband might not be SFW, thought the pictures are.)

Sadly, No: Pure Hypocrites

"Note: While we don’t approve of the hacking of people’s websites, it is the case that comedy may be found in many of life’s spectacles." Thanks for the hypocrisy, Gavin!

Ramadan In Schools: Where’s The ACLU?

I’m wondering where the ACLU is hiding. There is religion in our schools! Public schools increasingly are being forced to grapple with how to accommodate Muslim students’ needs, during Ramadan and throughout the school year, and some cases have spurred community debate. Generally, he (Tom Hutton, a lawyer with the National School Boards Association) said, "schools […]

TLF: The Race Against Warming

Yes, it is more climahystericy. You know it won’t go away any time soon. Like defeat and retreat, forced health care and checkups for everyone, and soaking the rich-plus crying, whining, and personal attacks when the supporters are asked to debate it-climahystericy is here to stay. Just ask Bill McKibben at the Washington Post It’s the oldest […]

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