Daily Archives: October 4, 2007

Money For Border Fence: ‘Bout Damn Time!

Look, the Democrat led Congress finally did something The Senate overwhelmingly approved $3 billion for added border security that includes a 700-mile fence on the Mexico border, as Democrats lost another bid to force a U.S. pullout from Iraq. The popular border security measure, an amendment to the $459 billion defense appropriations bill, passed 95-1, […]

Who Is Your Perfect Presidential Candidate?

Take the test and see. (h/t Sal) Mine ended up being Romney, and I had picked "undecided." I know some others who came up with John Cox. Who?

TTLF: SCOTUS To Hear Voting ID Case

Seriously, only in Liberal World can you have people pitching a fit over someone being able to prove who the hell they are in order to vote, something which can change the course of America, anywhere from our local politics up. Yet, these same liberals have no problem requiring Grandma Wendy to show her ID […]

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