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Official Dem Word On SCHIP

I wonder sometimes why I do not get myself off the Democrat mailing lists, which I am on due to registering at Democrats.org, the official website of the Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza, I mean, Democrat Party. Then I recieve a goody like this Dear William, If there’s ever been a day that shows how important […]

Lars Vilks Has A New Dog

You remember Lars, right? He is one of the latest of people who those peaceful Islamic radicals have freaked out on, due to his cartoon. He now has a dog for protection (an assualt rifle would be helpful, too), and, guess what he named her (translation via a Little Green Footballs reader) The logic and composition […]

Aside: Devils

NJ beat the Pens 6-5 in a wild game Wednesday night.

Rightosphere Temperature Check

Over at Right Wing News, John Hawkins has the latest Rightosphere Temperature Check, regarding the latest issues. My answers below the fold 1) The SCHIP expansion that was vetoed by Bush – oppose 2) Law of the Sea Treaty – oppose 3) Hate crime laws – oppose 4) Gay marriage – oppose 5) Using the […]

TTLF: Dems Retreat On FISA Bill

Perhaps I should wait till Friday, let the Surrender Monkey handle this post, but it is too good, and funny!, to wait House Democrats on Wednesday abruptly pulled a bill intended to curb the administration’s terrorist surveillance program after Republicans tried to correct a flaw in the bill — and it looked like rank-and-file Democrats […]

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