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Buffalo Traffic Jam

Buffalo Traffic JamUploaded by wteach You think your commute is bad?

Good News: Dems Plan To Work Shorter Hours!

I think they are confusing “being at work” with “doing actual work” (via NY Times. Have you ever noticed that stories that are even somewhat negative tend to appear in the Gray Lady on Saturday? The editors must go on a serious bender on Friday nights) Shortly after winning a majority last year, Democrats triumphantly […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup-Halloween Edition

And a Happy Sunday to all! Another fantastic day in America, it is almost time for Halloween, and the American witches are in the spirit! Not a clue who did this pinup, cannot read the signature. What is spookily happening on ye olde feedreader? The Anchoress has the best hey Mo! Dowd column ever! Cao […]

Bill Richardson Joins Wacko Crowd For President

Seriously, has their ever been a time so many weirdos have been running for president? You have Ron Paul and his Trutherism. John Edwards living like a prince and talking about poverty. Obama’s flirtation with gay bashers and hard core Islamics. And then there is Bill Richardson If he wins his bid for the White […]

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