Good News: Dems Plan To Work Shorter Hours!

I think they are confusing “being at work” with “doing actual work” (via NY Times. Have you ever noticed that stories that are even somewhat negative tend to appear in the Gray Lady on Saturday? The editors must go on a serious bender on Friday nights)

Shortly after winning a majority last year, Democrats triumphantly declared that they would put Congress back to work, promising an “end to the two-day workweek.” And indeed, the House has clocked more time in Washington this year than in any other session since 1995, when Republicans, newly in control, sought to make a similar point.

But 10 months into the session, with their legislative agenda often in gridlock with the Bush administration and a big election year looming, the Democrats are now planning a lighter schedule when the 110th Congress begins its second year in mid-January.

The House majority leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, told fellow Democrats this week that the House would not be in session next year on Fridays, except in June for work on appropriations bills.

Makes it easier to get to the Maryland shore for some quality beach time. No, no skiing. Climate change will eliminate that season, ya know!

His comments drew snickers from Republicans, who are quite happy to share their view that the American people did not get much value for all the extra time lawmakers spent in Washington.

“Is this a reward for our accomplishments in 2007?” asked Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri, the Republican whip.

Told ya the editors must have been on a serious bender on Friday night. How else can one explain this story appearing?

The Democrats, by contrast, say that after 10 months of putting in longer days and weeks, they have made significant gains. They cited legislation, including an increase in the minimum wage and new ethics and lobbying rules, as well as in the nitty-gritty work of House committees, which they say has provided much-needed oversight of the Bush administration and will also set the stage for an ambitious agenda next year.

What they fail to disclose is that the minimum wage was passed along with a defense appropriations bill, and 140 House Dems, including Speaker Pelosi, and 10 Senate Dems, including Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy, voted against it. So put that in the GOP column for passage.

Ethics? Please. Window dressing at the most. It’s not like they chose a registered lobbyist to form a PAC for the 41 new Dem House members, as well as stopped the practice of the Congressional Research Service tracking earmarks, among others.

Still, Democrats conceded that the hectic pace had taken a toll, especially on lawmakers who must travel long distances home and who have small children. And members of Congress have not gotten a raise or cost-of-living increase this year.

Little violins. It’s not like they actively campaigned or anything for the job, right?

On the flip side, the less time the Democrats spend in session, the better. Of course, that could mean more fake impeachment hearings in basement rooms by John Conyers. Smirk

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4 Responses to “Good News: Dems Plan To Work Shorter Hours!”

  1. Good News: Dems Plan To Work Shorter Hours!…

    I think they are confusing “being at work” with “doing actual work” (via NY Times. Have you ever noticed that stories that are even somewhat negative tend to appear in the Gray Lady on Saturday? The editors must go on……

  2. Scrapiron says:

    I doubt the republicans are waiting to take credit for the two Illegal (criminal) Mexicans that got a raise under the new minimum wage law.

  3. john Ryan says:

    Even agreeing that the Democrats are as bad as you say it sort makes you think that the Republicans must be some kind of awful to be rated second best to thbat crowd.

  4. Agreed, Scrapiron. The RNC should have used their vote to smack the Dems around, though. Maybe with Martinez gone, they will grow a spine.

    Quite frankly, John, I have little respect, or trust, for most politicians, Dem or GOP.

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