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Why People Hate The USA(?)

Hey, look, a f*cktard trolling for negative comments about the USA. Too bad The Resident didn’t really find them. If you go to the Youtube page, the tags are "america" "sucks." Perhaps The Resident meant this to be a more positive vid, considering there were so many good comments, but, with those tags, bite me.

NY Times Notices That Liberal Base Is Vexing

On one hand, the Times is joining the party of this information, ie, that the lefties are pains in the ass not just to Conservatives, but to their own peeps, a little late. On the other, how bad are the Nutters acting to get the NY Times to notice? The article starts out comparing Barney […]

Aside: Navy Seal To Get Medal Of Honor

A story you really need to read over at Blue Star Chronicles, about Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan, who is to to be pusthumously presented with the Medal of Honor.

Aside: Another Marine To Sue Murtha?

It looks like another one of the cleared Haditha Marines plans on suing Murtha. Go get ’em! See Hot Air for the details.

A Tale of War (Bush) and Peace (Gore)

No, really. My post title is the short line for a Washington Post "edistory" by Peter Baker Somehow, it seemed only fitting that at the moment of Al Gore’s triumph, George W. Bush would spend the day in Florida, scene of the fateful clash that propelled one to the presidency and the other to the Nobel […]

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