Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

Right Wing News’ Least Favorite Conservatives of 2007

John Hawkins of Right Wing News was kind enough to include me in his "Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Least Favorite People On The Right (2007 Edition)". Pop on over and check out the results. My list, in no order: John McCain Lindsay Grahamnesty Chuck Hagel Arlen Spector Michael Savage Excitable Andy Sullivan Joe Scarborough Debbie […]

United Nations To The Aftermath

Isn’t it great that we have the U.N. to come in to areas that needed help long ago? The United Nations has sent a second observer mission into the Darfuri town that was burned down and looted while under Sudanese government control. Rebel forces blame the government and Janjaweed militias for the destruction of Haskanita […]

Preemptive Surrender To Iran

Ahmanutjob must be laughing himself silly right now. As the political leader of a country that is hell bent on developing nuclear weapons, has been and is actively engaged in spreading Muslim terrorism, and wants the world to be part of Sharia law, he must love that so, so many on the Left, and some […]

Demotivation Monday: Haditha Part Of An Al Qaeda Plot?

And a Happy Monday to all. Harry Reid has said all is lost, and John Murtha has accused our troops of being cold blooded murderers, so it is time to take it down a notch, get in the wrong frame of mind for the work week, be prepared to do your least and worst, or […]

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