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Drunk Faceplants Into An Ambulance

Funniest video of the day. Check it out (site is probably not safe for work.)

Excitable Andy Loves Ronulans

Now, surely y’all know about the kerfuffle with Red State banning the Ron Paul supporters, and I do not blame them. No one wants their comments and email spammed with the idiocy that the Paul supporters bring. Might as well have the Kos Kids or DUmmies stopping by. But, good news! Andrew Sullivan welcomes all […]

Quote Of The Day: Chris Dodd Loves Terrorists

Here we go! Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd, who has taken a hard-line in opposing Bush administration proposals to modify a foreign surveillance law, says the president’s willingness to trample Constitutional rights hands terrorists a “victory” beyond what they could achieve through another attack. “When you give up basic Constitutional rights, you give terrorists a […]

Aside: MVRWC On Ronulans

Over at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Sparta discusses the banning of the Ronulans over at Red State. PaulSpammers to show up soon to prove her point.

Aside: Illegals Stealing Fire Relief Supplies

Illegals wouldn’t steal relief supplies for the victims of the fires in California, would they? You betcha they would! See Michelle Malkin for the details.

New Theme-Yes? No?

What do you think of the new theme?

TTLF: Illegals Standing Up For Their Rights In Prince William County

I really wasn’t aware that people who came to the USA illegal actually had, you know, rights Latino immigrants and lawyers in Prince William County are trying to calm community panic and spread accurate information, urging people to stay and defend their rights in the aftermath of new county measures aimed at keeping out illegal […]

Aside: A New Liberal Media

Good news! There is a new liberal media start up, which is going to have stories of “moral force.” What the heck does a liberal know about morals? See Stop The ACLU for the full story.

Released From Jail, Here’s Your Lawsuit

The ugly story of the day A man who was pardoned after spending 18 years behind bars for a rape he didn’t commit has been sued for back child support. Dwayne Allen Dail, 39, was cleared in August of the 1987 rape of a 12-year-old Goldsboro girl. The girl identified him as her attacker and […]

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