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Get Your MorOn.org Stuff!

Parsing Poet suggested that I put my recent MorOn.org photoshops into a CafePress shop. I have had one sitting around, but, just never did anything with it. Finally got off the snide. Check it out here. It also features the Murtha Monkey wishing you a good morning! Wouldn’t you like to wake up to the […]

Tom Friedman, Living 9/12(?) and The 40,000

Never got around to posting about Thomas Friedman’s "we need a world where we forget about 9/11" editorial yesterday, but, here are some thoughts What does that mean? This: 9/11 has made us stupid. I honor, and weep for, all those murdered on that day. But our reaction to 9/11 — mine included — has knocked America […]

Aside: Bomber Busted In Vienna

No, no, there are no terrorists. Certainly not ones with a backpack full of explosives (reportedly grenades) and nails and leave them near the US embassy in Vienna.

Right Wing News: Favorite Right Of Center Folks For 2007

Right Wing News has the 2007 favorite right of center as picked by bloggers list up, happy to say that I am one of those he asked. Go check it out. My list, in no particular order: Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Steve Elliot (Grassfire.org), Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jim Inhofe, Rusty Shackleford, Bill O’Reilly, Tom […]

Beer Monday: Thanks For The Boost, Democrats

Happy Monday! The start of a new work week. Time to get busy, make an impression, revolutionize outside the box. How ’bout a beer? Eating their own, back on August 10 Led by Democrats since the start of this year, Congress now has a "confidence" rating of 14 percent, the lowest since Gallup started asking […]

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