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Confederate Yankee Pawns TNR

Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee, yet another great North Carolina blogger, BTW, is still working the Scott Beauchamp/TNR story, and, along with Drudge, utterly destroys The New Republic, which is now apparently deleting all the old stories as they circle the wagon (check out The Jawa Report for the last.) Libs aint buying it, of […]

Silky Loves The Military! So Do The DUmmies!

No, really, he does. He loves it so much, he is going to do this A top to bottom review. Think he plans to deem most everything “wasteful?” I do. Military projects like Star Wars have always caused liberals heartburn. God forbid we should have the ability to shoot down nuclear missiles headed our way! […]

Mitt Goes Osama Obama

Heh heh In an apparent slip of the tongue, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accused Barack Obama, the Illinois senator and Democratic hopeful, of calling on terrorists to unite in Iraq. While criticising Mr Obama and other Democratic presidential candidates on foreign policy, Mr Romney said: “Actually, just look at what Osam – Barack […]

Aside: NC Education

Graduation rates are not the same as education. See Ogre for the details.

WTW: Freidman Engages The Future Machine

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here with a bit of that old truth thang, which is more then I can say for Thomas Freidman at the old NY Traitor Times. He has a bit of typical liberal leftard seething in an article entitled “Remembering Iraq” Boy, am I glad we finally got out of Iraq. It […]

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