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Gore And Futurama

This still amuses me that The Goracle would use that clip from Futurama to push his theories. Of course, the way they solved the problem is just as much a scam as what Al is pushing.

American Flag Business

Looky here, another fantastic blogger to add to the American Flag League. Give a big hand to Mama Archer’s Blog Welcome aboard, matey!

Good News Iraq: Child Undergoes Successful Surgery

Thanks to some of our great soldiers serving in Iraq A young boy from Hollendia underwent a final surgery to correct a severe colon condition at Al Sadr Hospital in An Najaf Oct. 9. The boy, Ahaip, had already undergone two surgeries to reintroduce his colon into his body. For Ahaip, this final surgery marked […]

Support Nose Diving For Insulting Turkey

Well, apparently posting from my Blackjack with WP 2.3 is pure evil. I had actual content for this post. Sigh.

WTW: Illegal Immigrants Stunned That Their Opinions Were Ignored

Morning, y’all. Jebediah Murphy here with some of that thar truth. And this is a good one. And a funny one. Prince William County supervisors early this morning voted to move forward with a nationally watched plan to crack down on illegal immigrants by increasing local police enforcement and restricting certain public services. The unanimous […]

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