WTW: Illegal Immigrants Stunned That Their Opinions Were Ignored

Morning, y’all. Jebediah Murphy here with some of that thar truth. And this is a good one. And a funny one.

Prince William County supervisors early this morning voted to move forward with a nationally watched plan to crack down on illegal immigrants by increasing local police enforcement and restricting certain public services.

The unanimous vote, which came at 2:30 a.m., followed a 12-hour session of emotional public testimony, as one person after another — nearly 400 speakers in all — urged supervisors to approve or reject the measures. More than 1,200 people gathered at the county government complex in Woodbridge. County staff said it was largest crowd they had ever seen for a board of supervisors meeting. (snip)

The measures approved yesterday improve cooperation with federal immigration authorities and direct police to check the immigration status of anyone accused of breaking the law if the officer suspects that person is an illegal immigrant. They also would deny certain county services to illegal immigrants, including drug counseling, some elderly services, and business licenses.

Teach mentioned they were looking towards similar measures way back on July 10th. Looks like it wasn’t quite as tough in the social services area as originally proposed, however, this vote is a good step towards cutting illegal aliens from the public payroll. Of course, that marvelous group of people who have forgotten that the A in ACLU stands for America will surely jump in pink loafers first, threatening lawsuits, protests, and internet petitions.

Now the funny

Many of the immigrants who remained to the end appeared stunned and dejected at the supervisors’ unanimous vote.

“They didn’t hear what people said today,” Manassas resident Juan Pablo Gomez said. “Why did they waste our time?”

Why should they listen? You are illegals. You do not belong here. You have no say, or at least are not supposed to have any say, in the way we run our country.

Prior to the vote, supervisor Michael C. May (R-Occoquan) read a written statement in Spanish attempting to ease immigrants’ fears, but the effort appeared to backfire. He was interrupted by a woman who shouted at him and rushed out of the room crying, saying the measures would separate her from her daughter.

Then bring your daughter back to the country you are from. BAMM! Problem solved. Perhaps the woman should have thought about that consequence prior to coming to America illegally. She would make a good liberal, though. Always blaming someone else for what they themselves have done.

Others pointed out that illegal immigrants are breaking the law. “Where do you get off demanding services, rights and mandatory citizenship?” said Manassas resident Robert Stephens, addressing the large crowd of Hispanic residents. “Who invited you? You cry for your rights? You have none.”

Exactly. But that doesn’t stop people from suing to stop the crackdown on people who have no rights.

Legal experts say the county policies are untested in court. A group of 22 plaintiffs has filed a lawsuit against the county and its top officials in federal court seeking to block the measures, claiming that they violate equal protection laws and that immigration enforcement is a federal concern.

Perhaps it is the early morning, but I fail to understand how people who are breaking the law, and should not even be here, are entitled to the vast majority of legal protections. They have have the right to be treated well as they are deported back to their home countries. If they want equal protection, sure. They are protected from being abused on their way out the door.

Illegal immigration enforcement is not just a federal concern, especially when it affects those of us at a local level. Perhaps some of these folks should read the 9th and 10th Amendments.

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8 Responses to “WTW: Illegal Immigrants Stunned That Their Opinions Were Ignored”

  1. Debbie says:

    They didn’t hear what the people said??? Oh my goodness. The PEOPLE are us poor saps who have been trying to ge government to listen to us.

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    Certainly they are entitled to equal protection under the law. That’s what the fourteenth amendment says.

    Oh… but wait… American Citizens are also entitled to equal protection under the law. And guess what… The law says HOW and WHEN a person from another country may come here… American Citizens, if we are to have equal protection under the law, deserve to see people that break our immigration laws punished and deported… just as those laws say should be done.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Blackbeard it simply boggles my right-wing neocon conservative mind why me and my family members have to show foreign country authorities that we visit our valid US PASSPORTS and VISAS and US Military ID Cards and US
    DMV state driver’s licenses….
    and in the USA / Estados Unidos they don’t?
    Simply boggles my righteous mind buddy!!!

  4. I am with Debbie!!!

    I feel our politicians don’t listen to us… I can’t believe this DREAM ACT won’t die..
    what a “nightmare”!

  5. Politicians are always looking for power from new sources, rather then from the ones that put them in that position.

  6. buzzo says:

    I congratulate the supervisors for doing what our high paid congressmen should be doing rather then finding fault with the Ottoman empire. (It ceased in 1917). WE all would be better off if bleeding hearts were a fatal disease. This country is what it is because men were free to try anything and determine their own future. Some won and some lost but it was their call……..now if you win you pay for those who lose. The latest, if you gave a risky mortgage and did not consider the consequences and now are in default, it is your own fault not mine. The government does not have to bail you out. Sorry I digressed but it is all tied together in my mind.

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