Blogrolling Issues

I just noticed that I am not updated on Blogrolling since October 1st. Have tried the manual ping form, no dice. I see that some are showing updated, and some with posts are not. Anyone have any other ideas to get it to work? I show up as updated in Technorati.

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5 Responses to “Blogrolling Issues”

  1. This has been an ongoing problem (and Blogrolling doesn’t bother to put any updates on its websites either).

    I did finally get a (non-committal) reply to my support request. I posted my report about this here:

    Also: try this:

    and select Blogrolling (and, to make sure). If you use this service, your blogroll item (i.e., your blog or whatever blog you updated/pinged in this fashion) will show as updated about six hours later (it’s still better than slipping to the very bottom on most blogrolls).

    I hope this info helps.

  2. Preciate, Warner. Unfortunately, I have tried those ones. Something is interfering, doesn’t look like I am making it too

  3. The Pingomatic site sometimes has hiccups. Simply refresh the page and try again (sometimes it takes two or three attempts).

  4. I got it to ping once, but, nada since. It is something to do with send out the ‘ in Pirate’s Cove. Every other service works super. Sigh.

  5. I think it is working when I go to and ping directly. Either that, or this plugin I am using.

    Free tech is so balky 🙂

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