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Today’s Criminal Alien News

Some goodies for you today The fatal execution-style shootings of three college students in Newark this summer sparked a nationwide debate on immigration after police said the prime suspect was an illegal alien free on bail for a child sex assault charge. But New Jersey’s attitude toward illegal immigrants barely budged after the August shooting, […]

Defeatocrats Prove Their Love Of Terrorists

But don’t say they are un-patriotic or soft on national security! House Democrats yesterday introduced a bill that would restrict the government"s power to eavesdrop on foreign terrorism suspects. The legislation calls for rolling back a temporary expansion of electronic eavesdropping authority that the Democrat-led Congress approved in August. The Bush administration said the powers […]

Aside: NY DL Plan For Illegals Illegal

Very interesting. It appears that Elliot Spitzer’s plan to give DL’s to illegal aliens is, yup, illegal. Check Hot Air for the story and video.

Aside: Nutroots Dictionary Equates Debate With Smear

Regarding this whole S-CHIP debate, Michelle Malkin highlights the insanity and viciousness of those great debaters, the Nutroots. Unhinged might be too nice of a word. Lying, duplicious, in need of Prozac, mental, disturbed. Nope, still to nice. Truth to power.

WTW: Nance Pelosi Disappointing Nutroots

Morning, y’all. Jebediah Murphy here on another fantastic White Trash Wednesday. In that thar Nutroots world, they are a wee bit upset with Nance Pelosi, and she knows it House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, talking on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the House vote to authorize the Iraq war, acknowledged Tuesday that the failure […]

American Flag Business

Well, well, check it out, we have another fantastic blogger to add to the American Flag League. Give it up to The Pink Flamingo Welcome aboard, Matey!

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