TTLF: Illegals Standing Up For Their Rights In Prince William County

I really wasn’t aware that people who came to the USA illegal actually had, you know, rights

Latino immigrants and lawyers in Prince William County are trying to calm community panic and spread accurate information, urging people to stay and defend their rights in the aftermath of new county measures aimed at keeping out illegal immigrants.

Radio stations and hotlines are fielding calls from immigrants asking whether it is safe to drive cars or visit public parks. Lawyers are advising parents to make emergency plans for their children and assets in case they are detained on suspicion of being in the country illegally. Volunteers are organizing meetings, and one woman, a U.S. citizen from El Salvador, has decided to launch a write-in candidacy for the Board of County Supervisors.

If they are legal, then there is nothing to worry about. If they are legal, they will be able to show proof, and be let go immediately, if caught in a round up. The lawyers and radio stations should be telling those who are here legally to stay the hell away from those who aren’t. If one is worried about being rounded up in a drug bust, do not hang around people doing drugs, even if you don’t do them. Same thing with illegals. They are breaking the law.

Illegals do not have the majority of American Rights: they are not here legally. What part of that does the liberal media not get?

“I feel as if my own community is slamming the door in my face. Someone has to stand up and do something,” said Araceli Paname¿o, 42, a longtime Woodbridge resident who took a leave of absence from her job in Washington last Thursday to explore the possibility of running in the election next month.

How so? You are here legally. Unless you are lying about that, no problem. How about helping to reduce the illegals problem, rather then helping them along. Prince William County has issues with criminal illegals, raping, murdering, and other violence. They also have an issue with the gang MS-13. You think they are here legally, Araceli?

“I showed them my voter registration card, and they said it was not enough,” Mirabel Martinez-a legal resident-said. “I am here legally. But I have a lot of relatives and friends who are still illegal, and I can imagine how scared they are. I want to tell them to not be afraid and try to live normally, but to be careful and not do things like drive with false licenses. We can’t be defeatist. We have to stay and fight.”

They should be scared. Better yet, they should not be here. And, if you are going to hang around them, you should be scared, too. Because you might get picked up in a roundup, and it would be no ones fault but your own. Plus, you are breaking the law for failing to report criminal activity.

“I came here as an undocumented person. But I respect the democratic process, and I believe we all have the right to participate in it,” she said, explaining why she decided to enter county politics at a time of intense division and hostility. “There is a feeding frenzy to blame immigrants for other problems. We pay mortgage taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes. A lot of us can’t vote, but we all contribute, and we need a new voice.”

No, there is blame towards illegals. And those of you who are legal do not help create a better atmosphere by protecting the illegals and providing them support. If one supports pedophiles, one will be treated as one, even if not one.

All in all, it is a typical liberal news story, attempting to blur the difference between illegals and those here legally. Very unbalanced, with nothing from anyone who is against illegal residents.

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