Official Dem Word On SCHIP

I wonder sometimes why I do not get myself off the Democrat mailing lists, which I am on due to registering at, the official website of the Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza, I mean, Democrat Party. Then I recieve a goody like this

Dear William,

If there’s ever been a day that shows how important victory in 2008 has become, it is today.

Despite a broad, bi-partisan effort in Congress, George Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program remains in place. This president and his loyalists in Congress have done the unthinkable, cutting millions of American kids from the basic health care services they need.

You stood up and fought, the Democrats in Congress stood up and fought, but we just didn’t have the numbers You may be angry right now — I sure am — but that won’t win any elections. While the stakes are so clear, think about how important our victory in 2008 is to you, and help us get there. Every one of the Republican candidates for president supports this veto. We’ll make them feel the pain for this at the ballot box, but we have work to do.

Here are some numbers to consider:

2,000 people giving $50 helps pay for a two-day training retreat for our organizers

1,000 giving $30 funds an organizer for a year

500 donations of just $10 funds a phone banking session that targets voters in a key district

Dollar by dollar, we’re building a machine to turn out the vote and end Republican control of the White House in 2008.

Contribute today:

Gotta love it. They lie about what the veto was about (but, then what don’t they lie about?), and use it to raise money. I fail to understand why the Dems want to jack taxes up: it would leave so much less money for the little pink lemmings to give to DNC and election campaigns.

Forget about “swing voters” — even die hard Republicans are running away from their party. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that over a third of President Bush’s largest fundraisers have yet to support a candidate in their party’s primary. As one Bush Pioneer put it, “I’m just not happy with the direction of our party. I think we have a huge credibility problem, which I have not seen any of the candidates show the ability to rise above.”

Sparky, we aren’t happy because none are really that conservative. And we are waiting for the field to whittle down before we truly jump in.

Don’t forget to contribute to the DNC now! Come Election Day, we cannot leave anything out there on the field. Step up and do your part by donating $15, $25, $50 or more:

George Bush may be gloating today, but we’re not falling for it. The Republican Party is alienating more and more Americans who can’t stand its narrowing, cruel agenda.

BDS at its best. I guess it is cruel to not give free health insurance to those people and families who can, you know, afford it.

These were snippets, but, the rest, including from Howie “Scream” Dean, are a hoot. Complete misrepresentations and lies, wrapped around fund raising. They really do have no shame. Or morals. And they still cannot get their agenda passed!

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6 Responses to “Official Dem Word On SCHIP”

  1. SCHIP Sunk…

    The House of Representatives has failed to override Bush’s veto of the fraudulent SCHIP bill. AP reports that the pro-override forces fell more than a dozen votes short: 
    The 273-156 roll call was 13 votes short of the two-thirds that majority supp…

  2. Nathan Tabor says:

    It’s BDS, but it’s also pathetic, shabby reasoning; after all, libs have been launching ad hominem broadsides at conservatives since long before Bush. It’s the liberal worldview: “we’re completely right, and everyone knows it–therefore, anyone who disagrees is not only wrong, but probably evil.”

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    If there’s a ‘Sinking SCHIP or Limo’ a Kennedy has to be involved! What? The children don’t get any free health care now? They still have Halloween freebies in a few weeks! No wonder the Defeatocrats are at 11%! … 11%? Are you kidding me, especially with the liberal elite media in their propaganda pockets?

  4. Stix says:

    You shoud really get on the Center for American Progress Action Fund email list. It is another hoot.
    Sometimes When You Win, You Really Lose

    Conservative lawmakers in the House of Representatives sided with President Bush yesterday in denying millions of children the opportunity to receive health insurance. Congress fell 13 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override Bush’s veto of the popular and successful State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), but in doing so, picked up eight votes from the original House vote just a few weeks ago. Forty-four Republicans voted for the override. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino triumphantly declared, “We won this round on SCHIP.” For the White House, indeed the debate about expanding SCHIP was a political game to be won or lost. But for millions of children who were denied health care coverage because of Bush’s veto, yesterday’s vote was a somber reminder that the president stands squarely against their interests. “Eight in 10 Americans favor expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program,” and only 22 percent approve of Bush’s handling of the issue. Congressional leaders “vow[ed] to keep up the fight,” and pledged to re-ignite the legislation in the very near future. For the cost of just 41 days of war in Iraq, the nation could insure 10 million children for one year.

    that is just the first paragraph. It is a hoot reading it whenever it comes to my email box.

  5. john Ryan says:

    Darth just can not stop himself from misquoting poll numbers.
    The 11% is not for Democrats or even for “Defeatocrats”
    it is for Congress as a whole. Within Congress Americans consistently give higher ratings to the Democrats.
    Gallup Sep 2007
    Americans also consistently (meaning for the last 2 years) choose the Democrats as the party they affiliate with
    Gallup Oct 4-7 2007

    But I actually prefer to keep track of where Americans choose to place their money in politics Intrades is the biggest political futures market when you look there you can see how grim things look for the G.O.P. Intrade .com
    Darth the current price to buy a futures contract that would pay 100 dollars if the Republicans take back controp of the House of Reps in 2008 is realllly cheap !!!

  6. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    You still WON’T answer why IMPEACHED Democratic President Bubba ‘Zipper Down’ Clinton is your ONLY re-elected two-term president since FDR during WW II (1944)? WHY Carnac of Socialism Statistics? After all, CCCP wants to know (Crusading Conservative Christian Power)+ + +

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